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At Southest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we believe in the importance of patient education. Below are videos that we have selected to help patients understand their particular condition and the procedure proces Click on one of the categories below to view the related videos. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Bone Grafting Dental Implants Orthognathic Surgery
Periodontal Surgery
TMJ Disorders
Traumatic Injuries to Teeth
Wisdom Teeth

Procedure Video Library

Apicoectomy (back to top)

Apicoectomy Procedure

Bone Grafting (back to top)

Bone Grafting Procedure
Bone Atrophy - Lower Mandible
Bone Grafting - Socket Preservation
Bone Grafting of

Sinus Lift - Vertical
Sinus Lift - Lateral

Dental Implants (back to top)

Implant Procedure
Natural Tooth vs. Implant
Implant Diagram
Restoring a Fractured Tooth
Reconstruction with Multiple Implants
Restoring a Fractured Tooth with an Implant
Implant Supported

Esthetically Compromised Implant Restorations

Orthognathic Surgery (back to top)

Facial Surgery - Correcting Class II
Facial Surgery - Correcting Class II
Facial Surgery - Correcting Class III
Facial Surgery - Correcting Class III (Clinical)
Facial Surgery - Correcting Open Bite
Facial Surgery - Correcting Open Bite (Clinical)

Periodontal Surgery (back to top)

Periodontal Disease
Scaling Calculus
Ultrasonic Scaling
Gingivectomy with Laser
Pocket Reduction Procedure
Root Coverage Graft
Crown Lengthening - Overview
Crown Lengthening - Procedure
Gingivectomy with Scalpel
Pocket Reduction with Osteoplasty
Root Coverage with

Vertical Bone Loss
Horizontal Bone Loss
Bone Grafting of Furcation

TMJ Disorders (back to top)

Normal TMJ Function
TMJ - Anterior Disc Displacement
TMJ - Degenerative Disc

TMJ -Arthritic Joint

Traumatic Injuries to Teeth (back to top)

Cracks in teeth

Wisdom Teeth (back to top)

Impacted Wisdom Teeth - Xrays
Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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